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Home Health

Your Team

With your physician, we co-develop a specialized plan that meets your specific needs. Here’s a look at members of our interdisciplinary team of home health professionals and how they can assist you:


Nursing Team:

Our skilled nurses are highly educated and experienced health-care professionals who will be the center of your care regimen. They’ll start your assessment, collaborate with your physician, educate you and help you manage your medications, condition and more.


Home Health Aide Team:

Our home health aides are a crucial part of your personal care regimen and help you accomplish daily activities. They assist with routine care and day-to-day activities such as eating, changing dressings, bathing and grooming and hair care.


Therapy Team:

Our physical, speech and occupational therapies focus on assisting your recovery, helping you regain productivity and independence. The therapy team helps evaluate your level of function and develops a treatment plan to maximize your independence.

  • Physical therapy focuses on home-safety evaluations, range-of-motion exercises, exercise programs and balance training.
  • Occupational therapy focuses on adaptive equipment, activities of daily living training and caregiver training.
  • Speech therapy focuses on communication techniques, swallowing, facial motor exercises and cognitive evaluations.

Social Worker Team:

Our social worker team counsels individuals and families experiencing stress from an illness or disability. They’ll listen and offer constructive support and resources in the community. They’ll provide family support and can help with access to financial assistance programs.


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Learn how Palliative Care can help you or your loved one.
Learn how Palliative Care can help you or your loved one.