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Comprehensive. Trusted. Dedicated.

Absolute Hospice

For circumstances where no other option seems appropriate, hospice is the right move.


Considering hospice care for a loved one or yourself is never easy to talk about. It's a journey you want to take with a trusted name. Hospice caregivers will become part of your extended family during the course of weeks or months.


Beginning the process early assures a comfortable, peaceful transition of care. If you think the time has come, talk to your loved one's physician. Then contact Absolute Hospice at 330.498.8075. After discussing your wishes, we will handle all the details for you.


It's not the financial burden you might expect.

Absolute Hospice services are usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans. We will fully review all insurances and coverage sources on an individual basis.


It is the policy of Absolute Hospice to provide services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religious preference, disability or age. The same requirements are applied to all and there is no distinction in eligibility for, or in the manner of, providing services. All persons and organizations having occasion either to refer persons for services or to recommend our services are advised to do so without regard to a person’s race, color, national origin, religious preference, disability or age.